Improv in the Workplace…..NOT what you think!

What are your associations with the word Improvisation? Who’s Line is it Anyway?  The Groundlings?  Those Improv Everywhere videos on YouTube? Whatever the word brings to mind, it probably involves entertainment right?  It’s fun to watch people up there leaping into space with no...

5 Ways to Snag that Slippery Innovative Solution

Let’s say you have a sticky wicket problem – you’ve tried everything you can think of and those wickets are still sticky. You and your team have been wracking your brains trying to fix the wickets and at this point, you might be tempted to either hand it off to someo...

3 Quick & Easy Strategies to (Sneak) Mindfulness into Your Work Day….

As I begin this post, I’m aware that I have been trying for 4 hours to get enough quiet so that I can concentrate and write.  My first impulse is that my schedule, my commitments, my world is doing this to me!  But I was the one to make the decision to follow an old insidious...

Learn from My Mistake: 5 Questions that will Save Your Big Idea!

There are times when I’m not a very subtle person. I get enthusiastic about a new brainstorm and want to share with others right away. Why I don’t know better after decades in this world, I don’t know. But maybe writing about it will help me – and you! – in laying the...

3 Ways to Unlearn from Experience…

When I was growing up in Colorado, my dad was a rock climbing instructor and just about every summer/fall weekend would find us up in the Rockies dangling from ropes hundreds of feet above the ground. I still know how to knot the rope around my waist, and if I ever find myself...

6 Ways to use SILENCE in Your Next Meeting & Why You Want To…

I have a brilliant colleague – maybe you do too – who will NOT stop talking. A group of us drove with her from Portland, ME to Boston for an education event, and she proceeded in her 1-way “conversation” for the entire two-hour drive. I kept wondering how she was able...