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Presentation Skills Training

Voice Into Learning brings together some of the most experienced and creative training professionals in New England. The company includes collaborators with a wide variety of backgrounds and professional focus, some with national credits for their work in corporations, non profits and small business. We are united in our dedication to interactive and experiential programs for greater productivity, communication and collaborative creativity. Voice Into Learning trainings are designed for the boardroom, the classroom, and online.

Our Shift P.O.V. (Point Of View) card game is a new structured experience designed for processing difficult issues in business teams.  Purchase the game now and get access to our entire case file!

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Shift P.O.V.

bg6b Shift P.O.V is a new experiential game designed for processing difficult issues in business teams.  It's an interactive game structure that gives members of a group the chance to experience other points of view and different angles of a problem they are trying to resolve. People have a great deal of fun with it - without trivializing the work issue being discussed.
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bg21 Customized interactive experiences and coaching packages designed for upper management level employees who struggle with issues of communication, service and teamwork.  Workshops are highly interactive and focused on specific learning outcomes; resulting in greater productivity, communication and creativity.
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Voice Narration

bg31 Voice Into Learning, LLC (formerly SFI AUDIO, Inc. ) is ready to produce a wide variety of voice applications for your company. Kymberly Dakin (Principal) is a nationally accredited, highly trained, AUDIE award-winning female voice talent specializing in warm and personable corporate announcer reads. She is an accomplished and enthusiastic voice and presentation coach with over a decade’s experience in coaching clients toward greater vocal impact through discovery and refinement of their Authentic Voice.
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