Are you a Head? a Heart? or Hands? How We Listen Determines What We Decide……

There’s plenty out there on how to deliver our message for maximum impact – but we are all listeners too. And how we listen and the filters we use in listening can determine much about what we absorb, the nature of our relationships and the actions we ultimately decide to...

5 Ways to Snag that Slippery Innovative Solution

Let’s say you have a sticky wicket problem – you’ve tried everything you can think of and those wickets are still sticky. You and your team have been wracking your brains trying to fix the wickets and at this point, you might be tempted to either hand it off to someo...

3 Bias Busters to use BEFORE you make that Next Important Decision….

I get to facilitate a fascinating discussion on Explicit and Implicit Bias in a University setting next week.  The focus is on implementing more diversity in hiring for tenured faculty positions – particularly in STEM subjects, which, over the last 20 years, have shown a...

3 Ways to Unlearn from Experience…

When I was growing up in Colorado, my dad was a rock climbing instructor and just about every summer/fall weekend would find us up in the Rockies dangling from ropes hundreds of feet above the ground. I still know how to knot the rope around my waist, and if I ever find myself...