The Voice Into Learning Team

(Formerly Short Fuse Interactive)

Voice Into Learning brings together some of the most experienced and creative training professionals in New England.  The company includes collaborators with a wide variety of backgrounds and professional focus, some with national credentials for their work in corporations, non profits and small business. We are united in our dedication to interactive and experiential programs, in the boardroom, the classroom, and online.

Our Mission

Voice Into Learning is committed to the use of performance skills, storytelling, interactive programming and audio applications for training in organizations throughout New England. Utilizing a variety of experiential methods, we are an agent for change in workplace attitudes, behaviors and customer relations. Our work results in more fully realized employee potential, better company morale and increased productivity.

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Representative Clients:

  • United States Postal Service
  • University of New Hampshire
  • Pierce Atwood
  • Reed & Reed
  • Fairchild Semiconductor
  • Gentle Giant Moving Co. of Boston
  • Maine State Housing
  • Maine General Hospital
  • Mount Desert Island Hospital
  • York Hospital
  • Martin’s Point Healthcare
  • Natural Resources Council of Maine
  • Portland Water District
  • Maine Assoc. for Dispute Resolution
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Lamprey Brothers New Hampshire
  • Coastal Enterprises, Inc.
  • Legal Services for the Elderly

Director and Founder: Kymberly Dakin, MEd. Adult Education
Facilitator, training developer, voice coach and producer/narrator for a variety of educational audio products. She is Founder and Principle of Voice Into Learning, LLC (formerly Short Fuse Interactive, LLC). Specialty: Experiential trainings for a variety of business and educational settings for more fully realized employee potential, improved company morale, and increased productivity. Kym is also the creator of ShiftPOV, a unique group facilitation tool currently in product trials. Kym was Partner and Curriculum Developer for LegacyMD, an interactive behavioral intensive training program for highly skilled physicians exhibiting problematic communication patterns. LegacyMD was cited in a number of recent medical texts, and has worked repeatedly with hospitals in New York, Louisiana and Texas. Currently, Kym facilitates a series of ongoing trainings with the University of New Hampshire focused on behavior change in search committees, and has joined the Standardized Patient program at Maine Medical Center, a collaborative training effort with Tufts University, bringing communication expertise into medical residency programs. She is also the winner of the national narrative award, the Audie, and has done audiobook recording for BBC, Brilliance Audio, and Audible. Teaching credentials: Bowdoin College, USM, University of New Hampshire and the University of New England.

Kym is a member of:
The Association for Consulting Expertise

Grace Cleaves
Expert team/group facilitator, trainer and leadership coach for physicians and other high performers. Through Beyond Clinical Competence, LLC, Grace uses a respectful, direct approach to teaching new skills to those stepping up to new challenges within their businesses, practices or hospitals, clinicians having a tough time transitioning to administrative roles, and disruptive physicians. Myers Briggs Certified Trainer. Specialties: Management improvement training for high-status physicians and executives; strategic leadership; staff and leadership development; presentation skills improvement; expertise in working with traditionally high/low status relationships. Strategic planning and retreat facilitation.

Janice Cohen
Principal of Cohen Leadership Consulting. Janice offers leadership development programs to organizations for high potential leaders that include classroom, action learning and coaching. She has fifteen years experience as a leadership program developer, coach and consultant plus twenty years of experience as a leader in private, public and non-profit organizations. Janice designed and implemented a nationally recognized civic leadership program, the Institute for Civic Leadership in Portland, ME. She is an MTI certified mediator, ICF certified coach, facilitator, and certified in LEA and MBTI. She has a B.S and MEd in education and was accepted to Harvard mid-career in public administration.

Laurie Davis, MSOD
Change Leadership consultant with over 25 years of experience driving change and building high performance teams in a diverse array of companies. She has special expertise in leading culture change within complex organizations. The creator of CultureWorx, she’s adept at designing and delivering leadership development programs, facilitating teams, and guiding businesses through major changes.

Laurie is a member of:
The Association for Consulting Expertise

Paul Drinan
Experienced performer, facilitator and media coach. Through Dirigo Media Consulting, Paul helps clients attain a successful media presence on a local, regional and national level. Also a guide for clients to develop confidence and overcome fear of public speaking. A media coach, Paul has overseen successful media campaigns in politics as well as social and environmental justice issues. National media events for clients include live interviews on NECN, CNN and FOX news.

David La Graffe
One of New England’s premiere Improvisational specialists, David teaches improvisation at  Lights Up Theaterworks, and at the University of Southern Maine in Gorham.  He is the founder and Director of the Portland Playback Theatre Company, now in its eighth year in southern Maine.  David has studied Playback Theatre with Jonathan Fox and Jo Salas, both founders of the playback theatre form.